[Histmaj] INTERNSHIP BOOTCAMP: Last Call for C21 Autumn Quarter Internship Bootcamp Applications

Mon Oct 10 15:55:18 PDT 2022

Hello Historians,

Another great career opportunity! Applications due today!

Good luck!!

Are you looking to get your career skills boosted? Need to be able to talk about professional strengths in a setting outside of the classroom? Want to set yourself apart from other applicants for internships and jobs? Are you interested in exclusive internship opportunities? If you answered yes, read on...

The C21 Autumn Quarter Internship Bootcamp - applications due today!

What is C21 Internship Bootcamp?
The C21 Internship Bootcamp is a hybrid, 3-week training program where intern trainees will have the opportunity to work on projects in our student-led start-up gesture.
We believe that the most important skills are learned through challenge and failure. This is why we created Internship Bootcamp exclusively designed to help College of Arts and Sciences undergraduates and to provide:

* professional environment with safety to fail
* personalized feedback
* experience working under a manager and having work responsibilities
* shift in mindset from school to professional
* stories to speak about in interviews or add to your resume/LinkedIn profile

"Before Internship Bootcamp, I had no prior internship experience and I was very worried about finding opportunities. This program made me realize that just being a good student doesn't guarantee that I'll be a good working professional, and it gave me the space to develop specific skills that will make me more desirable to any employer."

To learn more about Internship Bootcamp and other opportunities click here: https://c21.washington.edu/our-programs/c21-internship-bootcamp
Apply Here: Internship Bootcamp Application [forms.gle]<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/forms.gle/RN9A97essdyrXKTS7__;!!K-Hz7m0Vt54!l0y14MdSOfipEkar4rE_5t4pg3pyyRX0TGQMQmLKS6lHLQY3fZtEqVPwFLjHv96wu0L_7g9pocoaV5jtpQiVRv4$>

Internship Bootcamp is exclusively for Arts and Sciences students and will take place online this autumn quarter (October 17, 2022 - November 4, 2022). The application deadline is Monday, October 10th at 11:59 PM (PDT).

Mark Weitzenkamp and Tracy Maschman Morrissey
History Undergraduate Advising
University of Washington
Smith Hall 315
Box 353560
Seattle, WA 98195
vm: 206.543.5691<tel:206.543.5691> fax: 206.543.9451<tel:206.543.9451>
Please click here to schedule an advising appointment! [outlook.office365.com]<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/outlook.office365.com/owa/calendar/UWHistoryAdvising@cloud.washington.edu/bookings/__;!!K-Hz7m0Vt54!jAEA2nmjPwCoVlLLFX5AOWeHgOf5WeSJrMKs96sP9JyASmTNA9dpNWK6zFf2aFGWvu_z0d_Ka_3qvg$>

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