[Histmaj] 12 paid internships in heritage sector open via WSHS Diversity in Local History Grants

Mon Oct 17 09:55:49 PDT 2022

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MEDIA CONTACT: Julianna Verboort, Marketing and Communications Director, Washington State Historical Society, 253-343-7004 julianna.verboort at wshs.wa.gov<mailto:julianna.verboort at wshs.wa.gov>

Twelve paid internships available, funded through Washington State Historical Society's Diversity in Local History grant program
Tacoma, WA - How can a small grant to a heritage organization bring diversity into the way we experience history? That is what Washington State Historical Society's Diversity in Local History (DLH) grant program [washingtonhistory.org]<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/www.washingtonhistory.org/across-washington/grants/diversity-in-local-history/__;!!K-Hz7m0Vt54!m0OwUHGxeE5M5MNUyI_WLHoWk98CSykhpLRzA-9rSf-32AZDbHN6RsjxFGWJExFz4opISz7_yE3p6A5cfaUHcts0qorly4w$> aims to accomplish, in multiple ways. Heritage organizations in Washington can apply for grants of up to $15,000 to support new or existing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. The grants specifically fund paid internships to supply needed capacity for these organizations to accomplish their DEI objectives, while also fostering diverse talent through paid professional intern opportunities.

"Receiving a Diversity in Local History grant made it possible for us to achieve major milestones," said Kristy Conrad, development director at the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation. "Our intern, Dulce Gutierrez Vasquez, who is in their second year of UW's Museology program, created and implemented an outreach plan for the Youth Heritage Project, contacted local schools and community groups, made public presentations, created strategic social media promotions, and translated our info packets into Spanish for the first time. As a result, we have the most diverse YHP applicant pool ever, including non-binary and agender students and students with disabilities, and 45 percent of student applicants identified as Black, Native, Latinx, Asian, or multi-racial. Not only will this diversity make for a stronger YHP this year-we believe this diversity of perspectives will strengthen the next generation of our state's stewards and advocates for historic places."
The Diversity in Local History Grant Program began in 2021. "Last year, DLH grants supported eight heritage organizations across Washington. In our second grant cycle, we're excited to build upon their success," said Andre Jimenez, DEI specialist for the Washington State Historical Society [washingtonhistory.org]<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/www.washingtonhistory.org/__;!!K-Hz7m0Vt54!m0OwUHGxeE5M5MNUyI_WLHoWk98CSykhpLRzA-9rSf-32AZDbHN6RsjxFGWJExFz4opISz7_yE3p6A5cfaUHcts0NF1bfvE$> (WSHS). Twelve grants were awarded during the 2022 cycle. Current undergraduate, graduate, and community college students, as well as recent graduates, are encouraged to directly contact the awarded organization they'd like to work with. The projects funded with 2022 DLH grants are summarized below:
Bainbridge Island Historical Society [bainbridgehistory.org]<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/bainbridgehistory.org/__;!!K-Hz7m0Vt54!m0OwUHGxeE5M5MNUyI_WLHoWk98CSykhpLRzA-9rSf-32AZDbHN6RsjxFGWJExFz4opISz7_yE3p6A5cfaUHcts0allq1HI$> (Bainbridge Island, WA): Document and inventory items from three collections containing cultural materials from Indipino, Filipino American, and Japanese American communities.
Densho [densho.org]<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/densho.org/__;!!K-Hz7m0Vt54!m0OwUHGxeE5M5MNUyI_WLHoWk98CSykhpLRzA-9rSf-32AZDbHN6RsjxFGWJExFz4opISz7_yE3p6A5cfaUHcts0qFsGZzg$> (Seattle, WA): Digitization and processing of four collections related to the history of Japanese Americans in Washington State. Interns will also learn about digital archive standards and best practices from the Densho archives team.
Grays Harbor Historical Seaport [historicalseaport.org]<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/historicalseaport.org/__;!!K-Hz7m0Vt54!m0OwUHGxeE5M5MNUyI_WLHoWk98CSykhpLRzA-9rSf-32AZDbHN6RsjxFGWJExFz4opISz7_yE3p6A5cfaUHcts0wBxMaHk$> (Aberdeen, WA): Craft an internal DEI statement. Support the redesign of public school presentations to include Indigenous, disabled, and BIPOC sailor history related to the reconstructed historic vessel Lady Washington and the maritime industry.
The Holocaust Center for Humanity [holocaustcenterseattle.org]<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/holocaustcenterseattle.org/__;!!K-Hz7m0Vt54!m0OwUHGxeE5M5MNUyI_WLHoWk98CSykhpLRzA-9rSf-32AZDbHN6RsjxFGWJExFz4opISz7_yE3p6A5cfaUHcts0FjoXg-o$> (Seattle, WA): Continue development of the DEI Implementation Plan, aligning mission-focused DEI goals with strategic priorities. The ultimate goal of this project is to help sustainably center organizational culture around equity.
Jefferson County Historical Society [jchsmuseum.org]<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/jchsmuseum.org/__;!!K-Hz7m0Vt54!m0OwUHGxeE5M5MNUyI_WLHoWk98CSykhpLRzA-9rSf-32AZDbHN6RsjxFGWJExFz4opISz7_yE3p6A5cfaUHcts0P0hZqnc$> (Port Townsend, WA): Collect oral histories, research, and write biographies from groups and experiences that have been identified as either missing or misrepresented in JCHS's collection, including the Black, LGBTQIA+, Asian, and youth communities.
Nikkei Heritage Association of Washington [jcccw.org]<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/www.jcccw.org/museum__;!!K-Hz7m0Vt54!m0OwUHGxeE5M5MNUyI_WLHoWk98CSykhpLRzA-9rSf-32AZDbHN6RsjxFGWJExFz4opISz7_yE3p6A5cfaUHcts0svjct1M$> (Seattle, WA): Research, select, and curate new exhibits for 10 existing museum display cases that will highlight Japanese American history in the Pacific Northwest from early immigration in the late 1800s through the 1940s.
Northwest African American Museum [naamnw.org]<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/www.naamnw.org/__;!!K-Hz7m0Vt54!m0OwUHGxeE5M5MNUyI_WLHoWk98CSykhpLRzA-9rSf-32AZDbHN6RsjxFGWJExFz4opISz7_yE3p6A5cfaUHcts0JN8XMOk$> (Seattle, WA): Support the Youth Curator Program connecting high school age students with curators, historians, technology experts, and filmmakers who guide youth in bringing history to life. Interns will mentor student participants, assist with preparing curriculum and media materials, and provide technology and on-site coordination.
Olympia Historical Society and Bigelow House Museum [olympiahistory.org]<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/olympiahistory.org/__;!!K-Hz7m0Vt54!m0OwUHGxeE5M5MNUyI_WLHoWk98CSykhpLRzA-9rSf-32AZDbHN6RsjxFGWJExFz4opISz7_yE3p6A5cfaUHcts0hFuZvDs$> (Olympia, WA): Work with Squaxin Island Tribal members to research and design interpretative signage in Squaxin Park. This project is in partnership with the Squaxin Island Tribe and the City of Olympia.
Skagit County Historical Society [skagitcounty.net]<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/www.skagitcounty.net/Departments/HistoricalSociety__;!!K-Hz7m0Vt54!m0OwUHGxeE5M5MNUyI_WLHoWk98CSykhpLRzA-9rSf-32AZDbHN6RsjxFGWJExFz4opISz7_yE3p6A5cfaUHcts06R3AW7I$> (La Conner, WA): Inventory the Native American collections with the goal of helping the museum more accurately represent tribal nations. Interns will assist in re-labeling permanent Native American exhibit cases to incorporate inclusive terminology.
South Whidbey Historical Society [southwhidbeyhistory.org]<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/southwhidbeyhistory.org/__;!!K-Hz7m0Vt54!m0OwUHGxeE5M5MNUyI_WLHoWk98CSykhpLRzA-9rSf-32AZDbHN6RsjxFGWJExFz4opISz7_yE3p6A5cfaUHcts0tBxG3vQ$> (Langley, WA): Develop a database/inventory tool utilizing best practices to catalog newly acquired historical data and artifacts. The intern will develop concepts for a future interpretation initiative based on the cataloging work, such as a new museum exhibit, online exhibit, and/or interpretive signage with the goal of educating and engaging the public.
Tacoma Historical Society [tacomahistory.org]<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/www.tacomahistory.org/__;!!K-Hz7m0Vt54!m0OwUHGxeE5M5MNUyI_WLHoWk98CSykhpLRzA-9rSf-32AZDbHN6RsjxFGWJExFz4opISz7_yE3p6A5cfaUHcts0XADT-s0$> (Tacoma, WA): Support research and virtual programming related to an exhibit about Tacoma's diverse fashion history. The intern research will focus particularly on businesses owned and operated by immigrants, women, and persons of color.
Washington Trust for Historic Preservation [preservewa.org]<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/preservewa.org/__;!!K-Hz7m0Vt54!m0OwUHGxeE5M5MNUyI_WLHoWk98CSykhpLRzA-9rSf-32AZDbHN6RsjxFGWJExFz4opISz7_yE3p6A5cfaUHcts0_Cm_T7g$> (Seattle, WA): Develop, research, and write a series of stories that highlight diverse individuals and communities from Washington's maritime heritage, past and present. These stories will be a centerpiece of the new Maritime Washington National Heritage Area website and initial launch communications.
Jay Mortensen, heritage outreach director at the WSHS, shared, "History museums and heritage organizations are considering and acknowledging their roles in perpetuating systemic racism and exclusionary narratives. Many of these organizations don't know how best to engage in DEI work; this grant and WSHS staff can help with those initial first steps toward better, more inclusive practices. We want to help history organizations diversify the stories they tell and the communities they welcome into their spaces."

The competitive DLH grant process will repeat annually and is open to all non-profits, tribal organizations, and local governmental entities in Washington State who have a heritage-based mission. The next DLH grant application process will open in the spring of 2023. Grants are distributed on a reimbursement basis, meaning organizations must have sufficient funds on hand to pay the interns regularly before receiving grant dollars as reimbursement.
Organizations interested in applying for grants and prospective interns can find further details at www.WashingtonHistory.org/DLH [washingtonhistory.org]<https://urldefense.com/v3/__http:/www.WashingtonHistory.org/DLH__;!!K-Hz7m0Vt54!m0OwUHGxeE5M5MNUyI_WLHoWk98CSykhpLRzA-9rSf-32AZDbHN6RsjxFGWJExFz4opISz7_yE3p6A5cfaUHcts0P4osqwo$> or send questions to DLH at wshs.wa.gov<mailto:DLH at wshs.wa.gov>.

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About The Washington State Historical Society and History Museum
The Washington State Historical Society partners with our communities to explore how history connects us all. The Society's most visible activity, the Washington State History Museum is located in downtown Tacoma on Pacific Avenue among a thriving cultural scene. The museum features interactive permanent exhibitions about Washington's past in the Great Hall, unique rotating exhibitions highlighting the Society's collections, and exciting traveling exhibitions, and hosts events and programs on a wide range of historical and cultural topics. The WSHS also offers curriculum, downloadable exhibitions, and statewide educational support as well as consultation, support and resources for museums and heritage organizations across Washington.
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