[Histmaj] Summer quarter introduction to business courses for non business majors

Mon Apr 4 16:16:40 PDT 2022

Summer registration opens April 11 - please see the below info about two hybrid online introduction to business for non-business majors courses.

ESRM 320 (SLN 11465, Summer Quarter Term A), Marketing and Management From a Sustainability Perspective:

This course has NO prerequisites and gives NW and I&S credit (course website is at https://canvas.uw.edu/courses/1556899). It explores two of the four primary business foundations, marketing and management. Learning objectives include:

* Explain marketing, management, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability.
* Describe how markets are segmented, targeted, and products positioned to satisfy consumers' needs and wants.
* Compare techniques for creating value-added products; valuing environmental and social externalities and managing traditional pricing; developing distribution strategies and "greening" the supply chain; and creating and implementing promotion campaigns.
* Define managerial and leadership styles and theories of motivation.
* Summarize the human resource process of recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training, motivating, and evaluating employees.

ESRM 321 (SLN 11466, Summer Quarter Term B), Finance and Accounting From a Sustainability Perspective.

This course has NO prerequisites and gives NW and I&S credit (course website is at https://canvas.uw.edu/courses/1556902). It explores two of the four primary business foundations, finance and accounting. Learning objectives include:

* Explain finance, accounting, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability.
* Summarize what money is, counterfeiting deterrence, and financial institutions.
* Explain the functions of the U.S. Federal Reserve System and its monetary policy tools.
* Describe stock markets, investing strategies, and socially responsible investing.
* Analyze financial statements (e.g., balance sheets, income statements) and define corporate financial management.

Students can take one or both of these courses. When ESRM 320 and ESRM 321 are both taken, students receive a full introduction to business. Both courses are structured similarly and use the same required textbook.

Thanks for your consideration, and feel free to email me questions.

Associate Professor Emeritus Dorothy Paun, PhD, MBA
University of Washington
Campus Box 352100
Seattle, WA 98195
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