[Histmaj] Autumn 2022 Registration and History Course List

Fri Apr 29 17:22:29 PDT 2022

Dear Historians,

UW's Autumn 2022 Time Schedule<https://www.washington.edu/students/timeschd/AUT2022/> is out and registration starts Friday, May 6th<https://www.washington.edu/students/reg/2223cal.html#Q5>! To help prepare for registration, please find a .doc and .pdf file of the Department of History's undergraduate History courses for Autumn 2022 (titled "Lecture Courses AUT 2022") attached to this email.

We will send an email next week with descriptions of the Junior (HSTRY 388) and Senior (HSTRY 494 or 498) Seminars for Autumn 2022. Please note that we recommend that students complete one or two of upper division (300 or 400 level) History courses before taking the Junior Seminar. Students must successfully complete the Junior Seminar before they can take the Senior Seminar, so we encourage you to plan ahead (but please note that you can request an add code and register for a Senior Seminar if you are currently taking the Junior Seminar this quarter). You will need to email histadv at uw.edu<mailto:histadv at uw.edu> for an add code (since these are small courses, we recommend emailing us sooner rather than later for an add code as seats may fill up).

Lastly, students planning to graduate at the end of Summer 2022, Autumn 2022, or Winter 2023 can schedule a Graduation Application meeting! You can do so here: https://history.washington.edu/advising.

Have a good weekend!

Shannon Vacek and Tracy Maschman Morrissey
History Undergraduate Advising
University of Washington
Smith Hall 315
Box 353560
Seattle, WA 98195
vm: 206.543.5691<tel:206.543.5691> fax: 206.543.9451<tel:206.543.9451>

Please click here to schedule an advising appointment<https://outlook.office365.com/owa/calendar/UWHistoryAdvising@cloud.washington.edu/bookings/>

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